Goretti Pombo
's works
In all my favorite music videos, the directors had built new worlds with peculiar narratives. Each of these narratives had their own fantastic and iconic characters. They heavily amused me. Being exposed to this eccentric imagery at a young age, perpetually altered my perception of reality.

As I declared all of the peculiar characters and narratives as my reality, I developed a nonchalance towards general real life.
Anything that didn’t amuse me or infused with wonder, was not worth it. I was left in a constant state of anticipation for fun, wonder, and uniqueness. Craving for this wonder, I made listening to music the act I perform to distract me from mundane reality.

Beyond the urge to escape reality, I developed an impulse to create my own fantastic realities and characters.
This impulse became my graduation project: Asterousa.
The three characters I created…….
or just helped jump into this reality.
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