's works
I'd Rather Swim in Curaçao
In November 2017, our class held the 'Badgasten x Willem de Kooning Academy' exhibition at the Oostelijk Zwembad in Rotterdam. My work for this exhibition was meant to be more of a practical joke than anything else:

Since the exhibition was at a pool, it immediately reminded me of the beautiful beaches in Curaçao. Then came the feelings of rebellion and comparison: "I'd rather swim in Curaçao!"

I thought I would impart my opinion to the pool-goers. So I made big shells with beautiful eye-catching exteriors. The inside of the shell, however, would reveal my snarky opinion to whoever picked up the shell to look at it.

Paint on gypsum
19 x 21 cm
Smaller Shells
Paint on gypsum
14 x 9 cm
Goretti Pombo