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Ever find your imagination moving to the rhythm of music?
On the 26th. of October I had the pleasure of being a guest on Heather Beveridge's 'Music to Make Art to', a radio show that questions how creativity can be enhanced by what we're listening to.

Each week, artist and designer Heather Beveridge invites an artist to curate the sounds that inspire them in reaching their peak creative zone.
During this specific show, Heather and I discuss how my creative process began forming at a young age from watching obscure music videos and listen to the tracks that have impacted my creativity.

* Heather Beveridge is a Scottish artist, designer, and music lover. After experiencing first-hand how a lack of creativity can impact health and well-being, she's now committed to researching and promoting the healing properties of the creative process. Want to get involved? Email her at heather.abeveridge@gmail.com or search for @habatelier on Instagram.

Weekly show on Radio Worm, Rotterdam. Thursdays 13-14 CEST.
Music to Make Art to
Listen to the show here:
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