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In March 2019, I joined David Bade’s project ‘Een Gedeeld Hiernamaals’ in the cloister Buitenplaats Doornburgh in Maarssen along with other friend art students. At the cloister, there were six rooms, each dedicated to a religion. These were: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Esotericism. The goal of ‘Een Gedeeld Hiernamaals’ was to combine the views and beliefs regarding the afterlife from all of the six rooms into one big exhibition space. To achieve this, each room was supposed to make their own work that had resulted from working with the visitors and working independently.
I invited each visitor to paint, sculpt or create in any way possible something or someone they wanted to be present in their afterlife. Based on this task, I could finally create a happier view of the afterlife. On your right, you can see some of the visitor's results.
Along with my teammate Marichel, we created a table, painted it and added glitter and flowers. On that table, I placed the visitor's and our own works. This table would be our piece of heaven.
Following up, you can see some of my teammate Nina's results:
Next up you can see my contributions to our piece of heaven:
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Mixed media
24 x 15 cm
Modern Angel
Mixed media
220 x 150 cm
And finally: